Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Shout Out Tuesday #2


Hello everyone! It is Tuesday again here at Sweetened Greetings and it is time to give a shout out to a fabulous crafter! This week's featured crafter is none other than Kendra Hernandez. She is not only a great crafter but also a great photographer--wait until you see photos of her work! Kendra and I started talking on Instagram not too long ago and her account caught my attention because of her attention to detail! From there we started commenting on each other's Instagram posts and I felt that I gained a new friend.

Kendra's blog is very informative! Not only does she post her impeccable creations but more so she is showcasing a list of Must-Visit blogs. Based from her photos she has been to major craft shows (I am soooo jealous!)--Kendra take me with you next time ;)

Kendra's Social Media Links:
Instagram @Khernandez331

Here are some of Kendra's work:



  1. Thanks so much my friend!!!! What a fantastic blog post! I appreciate it, you are awesome! :):)

    1. You are very welcome my dear! I am glad to gain a new crafty friend!